About Us

  • The club is for anyone who wants to run. We welcome runner for all abilities from whose wishing to start running to season runners. Anyone applying for membership shall be eligible regardless of ability, race, colour or any other factor. Mondays is an ideal starting point offering shorter distance (Appox 5k) suitable for all abilities and meeting at 18.40, outside The Flowserve Social Club Hawton lane, Newark. Tuesdays meet at 18.30 and offer pace and speed work or longer distances at a quicker pace for improvers. On Wednesday, meeting at 18:40 there are two groups offer longer distance run (appox 10k) at different paces. We often offer other sessions and longer weekend runs which are advertised through our Facebook account. We have supportive leaders and members to help your personal goals, whatever they may be, Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate minors in the club.

Newark Striders are Proud to Have Qualified Runners on board to help with your Progress, all Qualified Runners have passed a course and gained LIRF Qualification, that is Over seen by UKA.

Jacqui Jackson
Striders Treasurer/Run Leader
Leanda Hodson-Mackey
Club Secretary/Run Leader | 07920 474541
Kath Scott
Run leader/ Results | 07792 573209
Peter Davis-MBE
Tuesday's Run Leader
Simon Drury
Run Leader
Tom Spelman
Run Leader | 07837 248039
Tom Stimson
Run Leader
Stacey Atkins
Run Leader
Jess Gordon
Run Leader
Richard Scott
Run Leader
Debbie Chettle
Run Leader
Alex Doy
Run Leader
Clive Owen
Tuesday leader
Lynne Boby
Run Leader
Leory Lindsay
Tuesday Leader
Nick Beveridge
Run Leader
Tom Marshall
Run Leader