About Us

Our club is available to anyone who wants to run.
We welcome runners of all abilities from those just starting out to those well seasoned runners looking for some company.
Mondays and Thursdays are an ideal starting point, offering shorter distances (Appox 5k) suitable for all abilities, please see the club calendar for more details.

We offer sessions Mon, Tues and Thurs with longer weekend runs which are advertised on our facebook page.

Newark Striders are proud to have a wonderful group of supportive leaders available to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. All our leaders have passed a course and gained LIRF Qualification, that is affiliated by UKA.

Jacqui Jackson
Chairperson / Run Leader / 07976 885941
Kath Scott
Secretary / Run Leader | 07792 57320
Nige Driscoll
Vice Chair/ Striders Group Leader
Nick Beveridge
Club Treasurer / Run Leader
Jess Gordon
Committee / Mental Health Champion / Run Leader
Lynne Boby
Committee /Run Leader
Stacey Atkins
Committee / Run Leader
Graham Welsh
Run Leader / Committee
Tom Spelman
Run Leader
Gemma Latham
Run Leader
Niceeta Padgett
Run Leader
Cate Driscoll
Run Leader
Debbie Chettle
Run Leader