Dan Stephen – Strider Story

Why did I start running? I signed up for Grantham half because I thought it would be easy. As it happens I was beaten by my wife, best mate and finished the race with a woman who was in the 70-75 age category. What do you enjoy most about running? Stopping! What is your best…

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Jason Cobb – Strider Story

The running diary of jason r cobb age 44 3/4 Tried running in the winter of 2015 as it’s dark and my jelly belly couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. My first attempt after 20+ yrs was a very bad experience with sore knees and sweating profusely like a sumo wrestler in a sauna…

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Steve Martin – Strider Story

My running story (Why did you start running?): My journey into running began when I was persuaded a few years ago in my late 40’s, by some friends to take part in a 10k at Belvoir Castle. The aim was to firstly finish and if possible do it in under 60 mins. I just accomplished…

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