Newark Striders Running Club

The Club

• The Club is Newark Striders Running Club
• The Club is affiliated to England Athletics


• The Club aims to be a body which caters for the needs of runners of all abilities and promotes the sport of running in the Newark Striders RC Club Colours
• Club colours are Orange (top) and Black (shorts/leggings) Members are requested to wear club colours bearing the name of the Club at any event organised under the rules of UK Athletics

Members & Membership

• Members are subject to the Club Constitution and the relevant rules of UK Athletics and are required to comply with the Club’s Code of Conduct
• Membership is open to adults aged 18 or over on the date of application to join, who are amateur according to the current definition set out by UK Athletics
• Applications for membership should be made in writing to the Secretary using a membership application form. Membership applications will be considered by the Committee who reserve the right to reject an application without explanation
• Applicants will be assumed to be applying as first claim members as defined by UK Athletics unless the applicant indicates otherwise
• The Club is a non-profit-distributing organisation. All surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the Club’s facilities and in furtherance of the Club’s objects.
• All Members will pay their membership fee on application and by the membership renewal by 31st March each year

A Member remains a member until:

1. The Member resigns in writing or via email to the Secretary
2. The Committee expels the Member
3. A membership fee due remains unpaid after two calendar months.

Guests aged 18 or over are welcome to run with the Club for a nominal Fee as determined by the Committee and will be encouraged to apply for Membership.

General Meetings

Newark Striders will hold an Annual General Meeting every year in January, the date and venue to be decided by the Committee.

The purpose of the AGM will be to:

• Elect Committee members
• Set membership fees
• Review and agree annual accounts
• Secretary’s Report
• Club Awards

The Club delegates authority for the management of the club to the Committee

The Committee

The Committee will consist of up at least 5 Members, made up of the performing the roles below, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting:

• Chair
• Secretary
• Treasurer
• At least 2 additional Committee Members

Committee members will automatically resign at the Annual General Meeting and seek re-election if desired

• will be chaired by the Chair and if the Chair is not present at a meeting a temporary Chair will be nominated for that meeting
• shall meet as frequently as it decides but there shall not be gap more than 3 months between meetings.
• has power to co-opt Club Members on to the Committee provided that the total number of persons on the Committee does not exceed 7
• Has authority to make temporary appointments to the Committee if the Incumbent person resigns or is unavailable for a period. Any temporary Appointment will cease on the return of the elected person or at the Next Annual General Meeting
• Shall make decisions by majority vote from those present at the meeting and in the event of a tie, the Chair or temporary chair will have an additional casting vote
• Will recommend the level and due date of Membership Fees each year at the Annual General Meeting
• Club funds will be held in a bank or building society account in the name of the Club
• Payments out of the Club account must be subject to two signatures from current members of the Committee
• Payments received by the Club must be deposited promptly by the Treasurer into the Club account.

Constitution Amendments

No Constitution rule may be altered, added to, or deleted except at an Annual General Meeting or EGM and then only by agreement of a two-thirds majority of those present.
If, at any Annual General Meeting, a resolution for the dissolution of the club shall be passed by a majority of members present, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened, to be held not less than four weeks thereafter (of which two weeks written notice shall be given to each member) to further consider the matter.
The members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than three quarters of those present and voting to support that proposal at a properly convened Extraordinary General Meeting. If successful, the Committee shall proceed to realise the property of the Club and discharge all liabilities. Any property after the discharge of debts and liabilities of the Club shall be paid to or distributed to another community amateur sports club for road running or athletics, or to the relevant governing body, as nominated at the Extraordinary General Meeting. Dissolution will be automatic should the Club not be able to maintain financial viability

Virgin London Marathon

1) Must have entered the London Marathon individually and been rejected (must have rejection slip or letter)
2) To be entered into the Ballot your rejection slip must be given to your Club Representative no later than October 31st.
3) Must be fully paid Active member and be a 1st claim member to Newark Striders Running Club since the start of membership year of the ballot (1st April)
4) You must be a regularly attending member as defined by the committee members.
5) Under no circumstances can a Club Ballot place be passed on to someone else. The Ballot winner should complete their entry within 4 weeks or advise the Committee that they do not want to proceed with the place and a new Ballot will be drawn
6) If picked out of the Ballot for one year you cannot re-enter the following 2 years ballot
7) The Ballot will take place at a date published by the Running Club Committee
8) If you’ve been given a club place please wear the clubs kit.
9) In any disputes the Committees decision is final