New members

We are always open to and welcome new members.

We have members of all ages and abilities from all over the Newark and Sherwood area. No matter what your goal: at Newark Striders Running Club we can help you get where you want to be. There are many benefits of joining a running club. Newark Striders is a great place to meet new like-minded people and improve your fitness whatever your ability. We offer sessions for all abilities for those wishing to simply start running to lose weight or get fit; those new to the area wishing to meet people; or those wishing to improve their running and achieve new personal goals.

We believe that running should be a sport enjoyed by people at every level. Our beginners group is dedicated to helping new runners who want to gradually get into it, starting at a slower/more realistic pace, with no pressure and no times, we’re just offering a fun way to get into running.

In association with England Athletics and Run England, the club has several trained leaders in running fitness. All leaders are able to offer support and encouragement to members and to put names to faces you can find out about us here. 

Whatever your reasons please feel free to come along and meet the team and trial Newark Striders for a few weeks. Hopefully you will decide to join us.
Please email nstriders@gmail.com for more information or like and contact us via our Facebook page. We are also available to follow on Twitter.