Nige Driscoll

I’ve always enjoyed running to keep fit but it wasn’t until Cate and I moved to Newark and joined Striders that I realised that running didn’t need to be done on your own and could also be enjoyed as a social activity! Joining Striders in 2016 has been a real opportunity to meet people in Newark and really feel part of the town, club and community.

Although Cate and I had done one half-marathon together in 2013, my distance running has really taken off since joining Striders. I have now completed more than a dozen half marathons, ran (well, mostly ran!) my first marathon in 2018, immediately signed up for another and have kept going since.

I have made some great friends since joining the Club and have been helped and encouraged with my running every step of the way. I joined the Striders Committee in 2020 as the Vice Chair and have recently become one of the Run Leaders.