Leicester Marathon

Congratulations to Striders Dan Stephen, Matt Silk and Mark Turner who completed the Leicester Marathon today.
Thank you to Dan Stephen for the wonderful race report.
Three striders, without tops, set out to complete the Leicester marathon. Mark Turner got an amazing sub 3 hour pb.
All rumours that he sustained a back injury in the week and completed the course in the back of a taxi are fake news.
And he certainly did not pay for it using energy gels (see photo).

Mark welcomed Dan Stephen running (sort of a bit) over the line. Dan had adopted a new strategy as at 20 miles he decided running sucked so run/walked, and then at 23 miles decided run/walking sucked so just walked. He finished in 3 :33 :04 and was grumpy with: nice lady handing out medals, wife, both of his children and anyone within 10 meters.
Matt Silk was the only one smiling at the end having finished in 3: 55 : 02.
No one is sure whether he was smiling as he had run a marathon, or was driving home in a Porsche.
A thoroughly enjoyable day. #whydowedothistoourselves