Summer League 4

Wednesday evening saw 27 Striders at Worksop for the fourth round of the Notts AAA summer series. In the women’s race Philippa Clarke was the first to finish, with a time of 37:41, followed by Jessica Gordon 38:23, Cate Driscoll 39:56 and Jacqui Jackson 41:41. Next was Lisa Edwards 41:49, Dawn Hollingworth 44:10, Tracey Partridge 46:51, Kath Scott 47:00, Lesley Butlin 48:38, Esther Parry 48:43, Chris Cregg 48:58 and Anthea Moisey 51:34. The women’s veterans team is in 9th place in the series and Jessica Gordon is in 26th position.

In the men’s race Matt Silk finished the 4.75 miles in 31:13, David Cross 31:36, Dave Dews 32:40 Gary Tasker 33:53 and David Fowler 33:55. Paul Cregg 34:41, Nige Driscoll 35:26, Peter Davis 36:04, Noel Henderson 36:35, Mark Jackson 37:43 and Stephen Tomlinson 37:54. Next was Steve White 39:00, Michael Hancock 39:21, Andy Sirrs 41:43 and Dan Arkwell 47:58. The men’s veterans team is currently in 10th position overall, Matt Silk is in 39th place and Peter Davis leads his age category.

Well done at Worksop everyone and a rare weekend with no results notified.