Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Special Report – What an evening it was, great atmosphere, super organisation, so many Striders, supporters, a medal and near perfect conditions… well a little bit warm maybe but better than windy and cold. I’m sure the other competitors were grateful to us in the start area for attracting all the annoying little bugs away from them with our orange tops.

First Newark Strider back was Jan Bailey who was 5th overall and second in age group with a time of 34:58, followed by Lewis Hopkinson, 19th in 37:11. Rising star Simon Roberts was next in a great new PB time of 38:09, then came Matt Silk joining the sub 40 minute set with 39:47 PB, Simon Palmer 41:29, Chris Young 41:37 PB, Mark Turner 44:31, Peter Davis 44:46, Mark Jackson 44:51, Dave Dews 45:09 and Nick Beveridge 45:16.

Jess Gordon was the first Striders lady finisher in 45:54, Steve Martin crossed the line in 46:06, Tom Young 47:12 PB, Nige Driscoll 47:25 PB, Graham Welsh 47:58 PB, Richard Webster 48:29 PB, Simon Drury 48:35 PB, Steve Padgett 49:12, Philippa Clarke 49:29, and Jon Rawson 49:39. Tom Spelman covered the 10K in 50:33, Dan Endersby 52:28, David Daubney 52:34 PB, Bev Hancock 52:47, Stephen Tomlinson 52:51, Karen Hitchisson 52:51 PB, Jason Cobb 52:55, Cate Driscoll 52:55 PB, Jason Priest 53:02 and Nick Harrison 53:27 PB.

Nicki Padgett was next to finish in orange 55:12 PB, Andy Sirrs first 10K 55:15 PB, Jacqui Jackson 55:57, Zara Chapman first 10K 56:48 PB, Mary Swindles first 10K 57:28 PB, then Henrietta McCabe in 57:46 PB and Lesley Butlin first 10K 58:30* PB*, Stacey Atkins 1:01:12, Rob Wilkinson 1:01:33, Kath Scott 1:02:16, Debbie Bavin 1:02:28, Sarah-Jane Cobb 1:02:48 PB, Nicole Henderson 1:02:53, Andrea Leech-Smith first 10K 1:08:09 PB, Lynne Boby 1:08:25, Jenny Palmer 1:10:25, Anthea Moisey 1:10:26 PB, Kaley Riley 1:11:02 PB, Sally Priest 1:11:02 PB, Sarah Stuart first 10K 1:14* PB*, Emma Ashwin first 10K 1:18:14 PB, Kirsty Ballinger 1:23:27, Jennifer Owens 1:23:27.

A couple of us were missing from the chip results, and watch/estimated times* have been used, and as usual PBs and stats are those listed against athlete profiles on ‘thepowerof10’. I make it 54 finishers from the club, great running on a course that does seem to deliver PBs and strong 10K debut runs despite the energy sapping uphill drag before and after Staunton, perhaps that’s a bit of Striders magic. Well done everyone!