Virtual Christmas Relay

Some results to report this week. Firstly from the Redhill Road Runners Virtual Christmas Relay. Teams of 4 submitted times for 5K legs run between the 26th and 30th of December.

There were 54 team entries, of which an incredible 10 were Newark Striders.Hannah’s Merry Men (Mark Jackson, Steve Martin, Hannah Jackson, David Cross) finished in 10th place overall with a cumulative time of 1:30:55 (average 22:39) then 3 Men and a Little Lady (Andy Scott, Graham Welsh, Cate Driscoll, Nige Driscoll) 14th in 1:34:43 (23:36) and Christmas Veterans (Steve Padgett, Mark Winter, Sarah Fox, Nicola Bradley) 29th in 1:42:05 (25:33). In 30th place with 1:42:30 (25:37) were Stars & Striders (Peter Davis, Clive Owen, Nicole Henderson, Noel Henderson), 33rd were Bit of a Blur (Tim Marvin, Jemma O’Brien, Sarah Stern, Tim Parker) 1:47:57 (27:44), Pete’s Angels (Pete Moody, Jacqui Jackson, Niceeta Padgett, Emma Collins-Moody) 38th in 1:59:19 (29:50) and with the same time 39th position for the Alphabet Fairies (Lesley Butlin, Andy Sirrs, Chris Cregg, Brian Thompson. Oooh Cake (Kath Scott, Debbie Bavin, Lynne Boby, Karen Illsley) finished 45th in 2:06:50 (31:42), The Highlighters (Nina Burton, Phil Brown, Dawn Woodward, Ruth Tall) 48th place in 2:08:11 (32:03) and 52nd with 2:22:43 (35:41) were Four Calling Birds (Sara Whittaker, Heather Green carrying an injury, Jane Hall, Di Holmes).The men and women’s fastest 5K leg honours go to Mark Jackson with 19:26 and Hannah Jackson 23:36. In terms of age adjusted times, Stars & Striders were the top team (averaging 25:37, age adjusted to 19:52) and individually for women and men, Cate Driscoll (23:40, adjusted to 20:58) and Noel Henderson (21:40, adjusted to 17:07).

Well done to the Bah Humbug Gang from Redhill Road Runners for winning the event overall, to all Striders and others who took part. Special thanks to Peter Davis for co-ordinating our club involvement and to Redhill Road Runners for putting on the relays and giving us some fun and running focus during the festive period.In other news, well done to Steve Martin (pictured), not only for his success as one of Hannah’s Merry Men, but for completing the Run For All Jog On 2020 Virtual Half Marathon on Saturday in 1:57:34, to all who have braved the icy conditions to run since New Year and especially those who have made such a great start to the RED January challenge.