Wildest Peaks, Clumber & Midlands Cani-cross

Saturday evening and Stephen Tomlinson and Henrietta McCabe were at Clumber Park for a night run. The 7K trail event had fires for toasting marshmallows and a nice wooden medal. No official results but watch times of 34:50 for Tomo and 44:46 for Henrietta.

Sunday and five Striders, led by the 2019 men’s and ladies captains braved the Wildest Peaks Trail Run and described it as scenic, snowy, rocky, boggy, hilly and brill. Emma Gilbert did the 21.5K event (reduced from 25.6K due to the adverse weather) and 2:42:56 earned her a gold time award. Becky Clift 1:41:01, Tracey Partridge 1:41:17, Steve Padgett 1:42:41 and Anthea Moisey 1:42:57 did the 10.6K race, they stuck together most of the way round and got bronze time awards.

Bev Hancock took part in the cani-cross Midlands Series in Warwickshire with Luna and was second placed female on Saturday and Sunday which earned 1st place for the weekend.

Well done everyone!