Yorkshire 10 miles & Amsterdam Half

Exciting and varied news with an international flavour for the second week in a row. We start with our two Sunday marathon superstars. Noel Henderson took on the Amsterdam marathon, completing the course in a time of 3:43:59 and Donna Wright earned a wonderful new PB by 20 minutes at the Yorkshire Marathon, 4:31:16 thanks in part to some special support in the final 9 miles.

Also in Amsterdam, Steve & Lisa White and Jacqui & Mark Jackson ran the Half Marathon. 1:26:16 PB for Mark, 1:46:53 Steve, 2:04:55 Jacqui and 2:57:43 for Lisa. It was a family running trip, Hannah Jackson got a PB of 36:17 in the 8K race and Melissa White did well in the junior event.

Back in the UK, Philippa Clarke was in the Yorkshire 10 mile race, finishing with a time of 1:15:18 whilst it was a PB for Lisa Edwards 1:30:53.

Emma Gilbert was at Calver for a 15.4 KM Peak autumn series event. 1:35:43 earned a silver timing award, extra impressive considering the 1200 FT of ‘uphill’ and added distance due to a wrong turning or two.

To 10K action and we start at Thoresby where Sara Carter finished in 58:50 and Geoff Riley in 1:10:16. 4 Striders were at West Burton power station for the EDF Power Surge 10K, no official times so watch times of 47:08 for Paul Cregg, Stephen Tomlinson 54:00, Jason Priest 59:33 and 62:49 for Chris Cregg. Kath Scott and Stacey Atkins participated in this month’s Trust 10K at Clumber Park.

Well done to all who ran this week.