Jason Cobb – Strider Story

The running diary of jason r cobb age 44 3/4

Tried running in the winter of 2015 as it’s dark and my jelly belly couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. My first attempt after 20+ yrs was a very bad experience with sore knees and sweating profusely like a sumo wrestler in a sauna and giving up after 2 attempts due to nearly topping the scales at 24stone.
I was coaching my son Max and his team at Southwell Rugby club and a friend just made a passing comment about my weight which kicked me into shape to do something about my weight and life.
After losing 7stone with no help from a club just the wife and family, I started running in Mexico on our 20th wedding anniversary and thought if I can run in a 85% humidity I can run anywhere. On our return to the uk, my running continued and I completed my first Parkrun in July with a time of 31mins accompanied by Sarah-Jane (the wife).
My New Years resolution was to run 1000k in 2017 which I kicked off with a New Year’s Day run at Belton house with a finish time of 29 minutes.
We carried on running with not much success due mainly to lack of will -power and no enthusiasm to run by ourselves so a club was the next step and on a very dark Thursday night in January 2017 we joined our first Striders session and never looked back.
A lot has happened since that night and not only have we made some great friends we have also increased our running to include lots of Monday ,Wednesday and Thursday night sessions and now regular Saturday parkruns and even 10 miles on Sunday.
This year I have completed in excess of six 10k races, 2 half Marathons and 4 Laps in my first 24 hour event at Equinox 24
Along with running I have joined my wife on the slimming world journey and in 12 weeks I have lost just over 2 stone to reach my target weight of 14st 5lb and have now set new PB’s in all distances
5k. 23mins 59 secs
5k parkrun 24mins 50 secs
10k. 48mins 21secs
Half marathon. 1hr 53min 54secs.

Covering a total distance of 1011k so far (21/11/17) with December still to come.

2018 will see me cover yet more distance with numerous 10k race, half Marathons and two 24 hours races along with my first full Marathon when I join the other Striders that are taking on Manchester. I never would have contemplated entering half of these events without the help, advice and encouragement of the Striders friends we have found

I love my second chance of life with my family and my NEW family Newark Striders May it continue into 2018 and beyond.