Step Into Striders Stories


I joined striders to help overcome my demons, every time I tried to start running the little voice started up with “can we stop now” ” this is uncomfortable” “we can’t do this” ” you are not a runner” etc etc I started 5 weeks into the step into striders program but I was immediately welcomed into the group and everyone was so supportive , the leader’s support and encouragement was louder than the voices and eventually they pretty much went away and were replaced by positive thinking. Moving into the main group has been just as supportive and friendly and there’s always someone giving you a verbal pat on the back and it makes you feel part of something bigger than just running. I now love running and I love everyone who has made it possible . I seriously couldn’t do it without you guys, so thank you x



Why I joined the running club…..
Work, kids, school runs, housework, didn’t do anything for myself joining step into striders was the best thing I did! I wanted to be fitter, lose some weight because after Christmas was when we all feel the after effects of all the festivities! I was a late starter I joined 3 weeks after the club started back in jan never thought I would be able to run a whole 5k without walking, building up the time was great I was nervous as I struggled with the 20 minute run at first 15 weeks in after jogging on my own sometimes with no incentive ! I really look forward to my Monday’s and Thursdays after work to off load my thoughts of the day clear my mind and relieve stress, the number of calories burnt is an added bonus! I’ve met some lovely people too hopefully going to sign up for some summer events! Also I was sad I couldn’t run the first striders race at Notts but had no childcare, I hope this is ok thank you for all the support and advice so far the phrase about posture will always stick with me every run I analyse my posture as it will cost ya!!



After three failed attempts at the c25k app, the lovely Lesley Butlin recommended ‘step into striders’. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I’d stick it beyond 3 or 4 weeks, and I only really joined so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed when she asked me why I hadn’t signed up! However, after a week I made a few new friends and we all started supporting each other in our own little micky taking banter way. #teamruff was born! The final session at parkrun when we got our medals I ran the entire course without stopping and I cried the whole way home. I was so god damn proud of myself! My Dad and stepmum run the parkrun most weeks and my dad texts me every Saturday about 11:30 asking for my time, I really love that. I genuinely love running now and each PB I get or each new distance I achieve I stick a middle finger up at the lazy Emma of last year. Thank you striders x



My husband Geoff is a Strider, and told me I should try the Step into Striders course and , after refusing, I finally gave in and decided to join! My weight was getting me down …
I spent approximately two hours crying and freaking out on the first night; full of anxiety that everybody would laugh at me because I was fat and slow.
How wrong I was. I have never felt so supported by a group of people. And now I love running (and I’m three dress sizes and three stone lighter!).
That’s right… me! The girl who had a note for PE every week at school, who could never run from one lamp post to another without stopping. And now here I am training for my first 10k!
Step into Striders changed my life, and it means I no longer have to worry about my weight as it’s dropping off. But, most importantly, I know that my little girl now has two active parents to be inspired by, and two parents who are fit and healthy enough to run around after her and play when she needs us to!



Why I joined Step into Striders
I was quite active, doing Pilates, box fit and kettlebells, but in 2016 I developed a shoulder injury which stopped me doing any exercise, then I tried running. I hadn’t run since I was at school, many moons ago. I started doing C25K using the NHS podcast, going out at night with hubby on his push bike riding shotgun. I finished the plan and even ran my first Park Run. Then my shoulder became too painful and I had to give up altogether. I had an operation in February 2017 and was giving myself plenty of time to get strength back. Then Hubby broke his leg. I had lots of stress with hospital visits and having to do everything for him. (He’s had several operations and several bouts of infection, which has been very stressful. I am still giving him IV antibiotics every morning)
I was still struggling with pain in my shoulder which the doctor and physio said should have gone by now. After being referred to Rheumatology I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. That was a shock!! I was signed up to an eight-week course “Living with Fibro” This was amazing. I was given exercises to do every day, which helped everything. I am very lucky that my main symptom is fatigue with aches if I overdo it, some people on the course were really in a lot of pain and using sticks and crutches to get around. I decide that “it’s not getting me” and really pushed the exercises. I don’t want to be an old biddy who can’t carry her own shopping!!
In November 2017 I decided that I needed to do more and get back to running, I could remember the good feeling I had after going for a run how it took my mind off all the rubbish happening in my life, I wanted to get fitter and to feel good about me. I told Hubby that I wanted to start running in the New Year, his reply was I won’t be able to come on the bike you won’t be safe. BUT I had already Googled running clubs in Newark and decided to give Newark Striders a try.
After emailing Lynne I explained to Hubby that I was joining this course Step into Striders which was just like we’d done but it was a “proper” club with leaders who’d had training and I would be running with lots of other people, so I would never be on my own and if anything happened there would always be someone there to help me. This put his mind at rest and off I went to my first run. I absolutely loved it. He knew I had because I wouldn’t shut up about it. I felt like I was treading on air.
Everyone was so friendly, I couldn’t wait to go back. There were several leaders and loads of helpers scattered through the pack of runners, they were all so encouraging, especially Debbie, Steve and Graham.
Graduating at Newark Park run was amazing, virtually the whole of the club turned out to cheer us newbies on to the finish. I have now moved up to the “big pool” and joined the main club. It is awesome, I don’t know may of the names yet but recognise them every week, there is always a smile and a hello and a well done as they go speeding past. I sometimes end up running with someone I haven’t seen before and we pace each other and have another great run.
I have made some brilliant new friends and joined a fantastic club, I can now call myself a runner!! Why didn’t I do this years ago??



I started running with the group in January I joined mainly to keep fit and also to meet new people, the group are so friendly and helpful I really look forward to Monday and Thursday night’s.