Steve Martin – Strider Story

My running story (Why did you start running?):

My journey into running began when I was persuaded a few years ago in my late 40’s, by some friends to take part in a 10k at Belvoir Castle.

The aim was to firstly finish and if possible do it in under 60 mins. I just accomplished both, if only just and have not stopped running since with 2017 being the year I completed 7 half marathons and my first marathon when I finished Edinburgh in 4.09.

If a little disappointed at the time as I was trying to get under 4 hours, it has set me a target for 2018.

Best running memory:

Running means many things to me both physically and mentally. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people, challenge my body and my mind as well as all the usual benefits with fitness and weight management etc….
Even though the 10k at Belvoir was the catalyst for my love of running I owe my enthusiasm to Park Run which in my opinion has been one of the best things added to the running calendar for many years. I have now completed over 130 Park Runs and hope to carry on for as long as my body will allow.

What do you enjoy most about running?

My best memories are 2 things, firstly completing my 100th Park Run which unfortunately I could not do in Newark as I was in North Norfolk on vacation at the time (bad planning on my behalf) so I ran my 100th at Blickling Hall a National Trust Park, a fantastic location for a run on a Saturday morning and of course completing the Edinburgh marathon this year. If someone has said to me a couple of years ago that I would be capable of running a marathon then simply I would not have believed them.

Golden piece of advice:

I still do not consider myself a runner but someone who enjoys running, so I am probably not best placed to offer any technical advice, but one thing I would say (although I am not good at practising this) sometimes forget about the watch and just enjoy the freedom of running. I remember when I first really got into running I would always listen to music and felt I could not run without the music helping me along. Since joining Striders I have learnt to run without music and to be honest I enjoy it more without the music as it gives me a greater appreciation of my surroundings and all the environment has to offer.

Favourite running shoes

Running shoes until this year have always been Asics which I still like, but a friend recommended Hoka’s which I tried and liked. As Hoka’s have guided me through 7 half marathons, the Edinburgh marathon and just over 1200 km to date this year they are now my favourite.