Training Advice

We wanted to host a little advice page to help our members get the most from their training. We hope to cover a multitude of topics from what you should be wearing, to how often you should be running to the more technical stuff like technique and form.
So, whatever it is you are looking for, check here to see if we can facilitate. If we don’t have what you need …. please let us know and we will endeavour to get something to help you.

Here are some links we think you might find useful regarding looking for advice & tracking your results……

As a member of Newark Striders Running Club you will also be a member of UK Athletics and will be allocated a unique affiliation number which you will need when you register for your events to claim your £2 discount. The website is a wealth of knowledge and will keep you up to date with the athletic world both professionally & otherwise.

Your affiliation number will also be reconciled here on The Power of 10 database. Any race you have ever participated in using your NS membership will be accessible here, including Park Run. This list of events can help you track your chip times, gun times, age grading results, improvements and event participation. You can find any ‘athlete history’ using this tool. We recommend having a look…

This website is a source of knowledge when it comes to locating races nearby or indeed further afield. Any distance you are interested in can be found here, the search fields will let you search using distance, location or date. Besides race location, you can also track your UK ranking and find further advise on training.

If you are not yet registered for Park Run we highly recommend you do & quick! This 5K timed event is a well organised event that happens every Saturday at 09:00, there are 100’s of runs world wide that you can participate in! All you do is register with the site, once registered you will be allocated a unique barcode, bring this barcode with you to every event. On crossing the line, you will receive your position barcode, these two barcodes are matched to give you a well detailed result, including overall position, gender position, age grade and number of events participated in. We always have a good turn out, so please come along and get involved.