Club Training Sessions

**Due to Covid-19 please note that normal training sessions are NOT  currently available** For further information please email at nstriders@gmail.com or see our risk assessment.

Everyone is invited to runs at their own level — you will be gently encouraged, but never pushed. We don’t leave people on their own and someone will always stay with you if you happen to be at the back no matter what session you choose to participate in.

Mondays – Beginners – Flowserve carpark meet at 18.40 to run at 18.45

Monday evenings are the heart and soul of Newark Striders and are an ideal opportunity to make new friends and enjoy running in good company!
A run of approximately 5km lead by qualified leaders to include ALL ABILITIES in and around Balderton/Newark. Suitable for all levels from beginners to more experienced runners.
Throughout January to March we offer a 11-week tailored beginners programme for absolute beginners (see Step into Striders for further details).

Tuesdays – Improvers – Intermediate – Flowserve car park meet at 18.40 to run at 18:45

Tuesday nights are a varied improver / intermediate session that usually offers two options to choose from one structured and one run route.

If you want to increase your pace and distance, then the structured session is for you.
The sessions are organised so that you can progress from whatever level of fitness you are at, although you should already be able to run 10k.
The variety in this session enables beginners to understand how to train smart and not just clock up distance, it also reflects the balance of standard training sessions for those who wish to improve.

The second option for the improvers session – usually consists of a run route
This session is catered for those looking to increase their speed up to 10K and their distance beyond that.
This training will offer a mix of 10k routes mixed with effort training to include intervals, tempo/speed training and Hills.

Thursdays – Improvers – Fernwood Community Centre 18.40 to run at 18.45

Thursdays nights those looking to improve their 5km pace.
These sessions start from Fernwood and often include a 5k distance, there are other disciplines covered including tempo/hill and strength training to help you improve pace.
In the summer this session increases in distance to help those wanting to complete the seasons 10k races.

How do I prepare?

• Arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the session
• Keep Hydrated
• Eat before you arrive
• Wear appropriate clothing
• Wear appropriate footwear
• Arrive in High-Vis between the months of October & March

To start with just come along with what you’ve got — trainers, shorts/tracksuit, leggings etc. Lots of layers in colder weather is good as well as gloves and a hat. As you progress you should look at investing in a pair of proper running shoes and get fitted at a specialist running shop