Tom Stimson

I started running 5 years ago on the original RWO programme (now called Step into Striders). When I began running I didn’t believe it was possible but it Is and I am proud of being a Strider and some of the achievements that they have enabled me to do. Running gives me hope, positivity and most importantly friends. In the past 5 years I have met some incredible people, from different walks of life and interests.

My biggest achievement I feel is doing 100 Parkruns and volunteering 25 times . If you are new to running then sign up for Park Run!

It is no secret that I suffer from anxiety. Our committee saw a way of using this as a positive by asking me to be a Mental Health Champion which I love doing. I advocate #runandtalk and how running and talking can enable us to sooth our minds and worries.

If you fancy a chat, a run or a coffee see me at Club nights or Park run. I’m usually the slowest but I don’t mind that; I’m just happy being there