Ashby 20

It’s been the weekend of the Ashby 20. The event may have been run virtually this year, but the 20 miles were just as real as ever.17 Newark Striders completed the official event and earned the coveted Ashby 20 hoodie. Debbie Bavin, Karen Illsley, Anthea Moisey, Kath Scott, Andy Scott, Jason Cobb, Sarah Jane Cobb, Heather Green, Nicole Henderson, Tom Jordan, Steve Padgett, Niceeta Padgett, Gemma Latham, Stacey Atkins, Jenny Palmer, Simon Palmer and Dave Cross.Competitors were supported with encouragement and cycle and running company. A number of other Striders partnered racers for the entire distance, Steve White, Cate Driscoll, Jacqui Jackson, Graham Welsh and most notably our youngest member Charlotte Palmer who ran with dad Simon for 20 miles.It’s positive to be able to report on a race for the first time in a while, even if it was conducted very differently from normal. Well done everyone!