Rock N Roll – Dublin

International news now and a group of Newark Striders, along with families and friends of the club, were in Dublin for the Rock ‘n’ Roll weekend. After an evening of strategy planning in a social setting the group gathered on Saturday morning for the first running event, which was the 5K race. Nick Beveridge was first Strider home in 21:43, then came Jon Rawson 24:01, Jason Cobb 24:31, Becky Clift 25:36, Steve Padgett 25:53, Andy Scott 26:00, Nicki Padgett 27:55, Stacey Atkins 29:04, Kath Scott 30:04, Debbie Bavin 30:48, Nick Harrison 31:39, Anthea Moisey 33:19, Andrew Chamberlain 34:07 and Lynne Boby 34:08.

On to Sunday and we stay in Dublin for news of the main event of the weekend for the tourists which was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dublin Half Marathon. Nick Beveridge was the first Strider to finish, in 1:49:24, followed by Simon Palmer 1:54:05 together with Jason Cobb 1:54:06. Next back was Andy Scott 2:04:07 then Jon Rawson 2:11:26, Nick Harrison 2:24:10, the group of Jenny Palmer, Steven Padgett, Nicki Padgett and Becky Clift all in 2:36:09, closely followed by Stacey Atkins 2:36:46. Kath Scott 2:41:45, Lynne Boby 2:41:46, Sarah-Jane Cobb 2:41:46 and Debbie Bavin 2:41:46 followed with Anthea Moisey 2:50:22.