Jan Bailey – Strider Story

I’ve played several sports over the years and was never a fan of running, unless it involved chasing around a football or rugby pitch or chasing girls… so when I retired from those sports running wasn’t the first thing that I thought I’d take up. In fact I did a parkrun with a mate in June  2015 and it nearly killed me and I hated it, so I didn’t go back and do another for a whole year.

A work colleague kept nagging me to go again so I finally gave in and in June 2016 I went again, my time was slightly quicker than the first time sneaking under 22 minutes, but again it was very very tough, but I went down the following week and improved my time again, it was beginning to become addictive, I thought I’d start going for a jog in the week to try and build a little fitness and the more I ran the more I enjoyed it. I started noticing runners who finished a head of me and each week I would try and close the gap on them. In 2017 I joined Newark Striders and was introduced to actual run training and I got roped into my first half marathon, which I was lucky enough to run with Peter Parker, who gave me a lesson in running!

Over the last year I have tried to ‘up my game’ and have tried to create my own training sessions which I incorporate into Striders sessions as well as getting to train with some other great runners. Clive Owen has been a big inspiration and keeps pushing and encouraging me and Peter Davis keeps me actively working on getting my age grading up. I’ve recently been doing lots of training with Tom Marshall and we are constantly pushing each other to be better, Toms coaching sessions are definitely worth attending!

If you asked me two years ago, would I be running half marathons and even a 30k Race, I’d have laughed in your face, but here I am doing these things… although a full marathon is a long way off ???? . I guess I mostly enjoy 5 and 10k races, especially trail running, I’m getting my head around half marathons, but not sure I enjoy them fully yet.

I have lots of great running memories from running with my bro, my parents coming to events, winning some prizes and winning an event was nice, the Great North run was pretty awesome, oh and cross country is so much fun (in the right shoes), everyone should give it a go. I am also a big advocate of parkrun as that is where it all started for me and I have been fortunate enough to meet some really great people and enjoy watching them run.

I’m a big Nike man so I’m always rocking a pair of Free Run Distance.